Tara was born in Sept 2015 and has been in the UK since late 2019
She found a loving home in Harrogate, but unfortunately her new owner passed away late last year, so now she is looking for new lodgings.
Tara is part Beagle with a dash of something else, a few people have suggested that there may be a bit of Corgi in the mix somewhere. She is small/medium size.
When she first arrived in the UK, she was extremely nervous & easily spooked, particularly around men. She has mellowed a lot, and is now quite confident meeting strangers and good with other dogs. She has bags of energy, but is not too demanding for exercise, she walks well on the lead, but tends to wander off on her own trajectory if let off in wide open spaces. She would probably benefit from some formal training.
Tara is currently living in the same house and ideally would meet any potential adopters there and have a few meetings to help her transition into her new home.
 To apply for Tara please complete the pre adoption form, thank you.