Tapsi is a very energetic 18 month young girl and loves to run around, play tug and chase balls (especially if they squeak) around people who she feels comfortable with. She’s a very fast learner and has learnt some basics around sitting and attention. Her lead training is coming on well and she will walk on a lead if she is given food based motivation! A slightly longer lead suits her best as she likes her personal space. She’s still not entirely sure around the harness but as I mention later she’s a bit of an escape artist so if recommend one for walks! Tapsi needs a very secure garden. She is a a bit of an escape artist when it comes to leads and harnesses too so I’d suggest these are secure and that she has training aSavet home to help her feel more secure before going out on walks.
Food is a massive motivator and whilst she isn’t fussy about her treats she especially likes anything cheese or chicken flavoured. She ate very well and everything she ate seemed to agree with her stomach.

Tapsi settled well in foster after a week and started bonding well with her foster mum and after two weeks gradually getting less nervous by the day. She was ok with other women but anxious of men, she cowered when she saw male neighbours and would run back to her safe place (the sofa).

Tapsi was especially nervous around new noises – garden machinery and the occasional motorbike/plane overhead where a bit overwhelming at first but she has settled down after some time.

She absolutely loves soft furnishings and cushions. She isn’t a fan of hard floors and when she was having training with her foster mum she insisted I put a towel down under her bum! She loves to snuggle up in a comfy nest of pillows on an evening.

She is a bit of tinker when she’s excited – she will steal anything in sight and favourites are socks, tea towels and slippers. She isn’t destructive unless it’s paper based but will have a good look around for food – she tries to swipe anything left on kitchen surfaces.
She had very few accidents in the house (under 4 in total) so she may have been house trained previously. She got into a routine very quickly. When she does her business she has a funny little routine of pacing back and forth.
The ideal home would have another dog. She pined and cried for the dogs in the neighbours gardens in her foster home and was always so excited to see them through the fence after getting over her initial anxiety. She always wanted to play with the dog in the mirror and cried when she realised it was her!
Tapsi has many new experiences to learn and with time and patience her nervousness will lessen as she becomes more confident. We feel Tapsi needs another resident dog for company and a lady only home please.

Tapsi has a new home .