Rica, 10 year old male, very fit but requires one owner and a quiet home with gentle walks and nice garden. He’s good with most other dogs but scared of bigger dogs.

We would like to find a long term foster home for Rica asap so he can settle into a routine and have the love he so dearly deserves.

UPDATE 21 September 2022

Rica went to a new home and lived there for a short while until his owner sadly became ill, so Rica has found himself back in foster care with 5 other dogs. His foster parent says ‘ Rica has been here less than 24 hours and was understandably disorientated from travelling and being in a completely new home. After a good sleep Rica was in a much happier mood, after being hand fed his breakfast we had a walk around the garden and when I sat down he gently nuzzled his head into my lap. Rica needs to feel safe and loved, he really such a sweet old man and will be a lovely companion for someone. He loves a lap to cuddle up on and quite enjoys a carry too. Don’t be fooled that he is a bit older, he’s a really good walker and enjoys a walk or three!’

Update 27 September 2022

Rica has been in foster for a week, he has settled in well, though he does like his own company he is adjusting to living with other dogs. Rica likes to have his own person and quickly becomes attached. He has bonded with his foster Mum who is enjoying getting to know Rica and his funny ways. Rica is not a difficult dog, he is clean in the home, loves being in the garden, settles well when left and eats well with no specific dietary requirements. Hes a poppet!

Rica’s requirements – he prefers one person and a quiet home. Rica loves walks in quieter areas. Rica settles well when left.

Rica is staying long term foster care