Message from fosterer

Note from the fostered :- They are both brilliant with cats! Pippa is a little bigger, but with her and ruby together they are like ‘one dog’ . Though they are good in cars too 😆. Pippa is a diva and ruby is a timid softy, takes her a while to come out of her shell, but when she’s shows and gives her trust- it’s amazing. Both ladies have come along way- esp ruby and I just wish I was able to give them a forever ever home. xxx


28 February 2020


Pippa and Ruby URGENT APPEAL

We are asking for an urgent foster for both Pippa and Ruby . Very sadly their owner has died and they are not coping well in kennels.

Pippa approx 6 and Ruby 4. Ruby was one of mollies rescues. She was adopted nearly 3 years ago. Very nervy girl who has come on in leaps and bounds with her mate Pippa. These girls need to be homed together. Both very very friendly dogs who love the comfort of a comfy settee. Pippa a big gawky girl, Ruby a little more refined. Pippa is so stressed in kennels and needs out ASAP. More than urgent. Sadly the owner passed away, it was a few days before the situation was made aware, the dogs were fine but stressed. They have now been vaccinated and kennel coughed as the family couldn’t find any records.

These girls need a chance to continue their lives together, there are no issues with them, it is a sad case of the owner passing away suddenly.

If you can help please contact us . We try to help where we can and feel these 2 dogs really need help to find another loving home .


These 2 lovely dogs have found their forever home .