Nala is 10 months old and is a very affectionate and loving dog once she knows you, but is very scared of new people and strangers and can be quite reactive on these occasions. She is also very scared and reactive with black dogs in particular and we feel she would be best homed as an only dog. We think she could potentially be a collie/retriever cross based on her looks. She is completely house trained and asks to go outside by standing by the door. She also knows basic commands such as sit, stay, wait and paw. Her recall and lead walking is generally pretty good unless she’s chasing something, though they will probably still require more work and we wouldn’t recommend letting her off until she has built trust with a new owner given her propensity for reactivity and chasing prey. She loves walks and toys and is very food orientated. She goes to bed at night with no problems and sleeps for 8-9 hours without interruption, only very rarely barking if she hears a strange noise outside/ there is fireworks, which she is petrified of. She is a beautiful dog who needs a loving, quiet home with no children or other dogs, and experienced people who are willing to work with her through some of her issues.

Nala has a lovely home now.