Nala is 2 years old, she is very energetic in the mornings but relaxes really well after her walks. She loves being able to lie and stare out at the wildlife in the garden. Nala is very food orientated.

Nala needs to be the only dog in the home. When meeting new people Nala needs to meet someone a few times and then is really friendly . Any meetings have to be managed because she can be scared/ reactive when she first meets a new person. Usually Nala stays in her basket and the guest will ignore her and slowly Nala is allowed to investigate and sniff the new person when she is brave enough to without being scared of interaction.

On walks Nala can be reactive to black dogs, mainly Labradors (this can be something that can happen with dogs as it is difficult for a dog to read the expressions of a black dog). Other dogs Nala is typically ok with but she prefers no tot interact with them, she prefers her person.

We think Nala has Sheepdog/Collie in her but unsure. She is such a lovely girl once she is comfortable with her person.

Nalas ideal home would be a quiet adult only house with few visitors and being the only dog. An experienced dog owner who will be capable of helping Nala work with reactivity issues would be preferable.

Please complete a pre adoption form if you would like to know more about Nala