Rescue Dog


17 May 2019

Max is a lovely boy , a Romanian rescue and approximately 3 or 4 years old .

Max loves his walks and is great off the lead , he can be sometimes reactive on the lead, he can be protective over his person as he a herder type breed. He would need work with this. There are certain things that can upset Max and as we do not know all of his past , we can only think that he has triggers from his past. We have had similar dogs and with time, training , love and more time they do come right. Max would need a good routine to help him along.


Max is fine with other dogs but not so keen on cats and we feel he would be better in an adult only home. We would dearly love to find Max the right home. Please contact us if you feel you could offer Max a home or have any questions.

Max is now in his forever home.