07 August 2019


Magic  2 years old

This is Magic, she was rescued from a crammed Romanian public shelter where she was struggling. Miss Mollies took her under their wing and she is now in foster. Magic was very scared when she arrived into foster on 28 July and stayed in a crate where she shivered. Magic quickly became friends with the 5 resident dogs and joined the group with no issues. Magic is clean in the house and quiet when she is left  with the other dogs for company . It took Magic a week to pluck up the courage to allow her foster mum to stroke her and quickly realised how nice it was and frequently asks for cuddles. We have a nick name for Magic, it’s Ninja  -Mouse , she is quick and small !  Magic has a lovely character, she is quite puppy like when she plays and far different from the unhappy dog we first saw.This little girl has so much to experience , she is just finding out that balls are fun to play with! Please keep following her story for the next updates .

We feel that Magic could benefit from a home with another resident dog and possibly older children . If you have an interest in this adorable bundle of fun please contact us.


Well, Magic is just a little treasure , she loves cuddles , she is clean in the house and fantastic with her 7 brothers ans sisters, she loves to play and has so much fun . She has a funny little bark when its feeding time , she gets quite excited. This hilarious little girl has stolen so many hearts in such a short time !

Magic loves a fuss but as yet panics when I try to pick her up , so we are still working on that and then to get her harness on . It will all happen in good time and once Magic starts going out for walks she will be able to join the other dogs for walks.


Magic has settled into her foster home and loves her canine brothers and sisters. Magic can be loved and cuddled but there is not a great deal of progress in handling Magic, it seems it is too much for her . Hopefully once she realises nothing sinister will happen then things will fall into place.

Currently the most suitable home for Magic would be a home with a resident dog and a garden, she loves the garden and until she is lead ready a garden is enough for her.

N.B. Magic has a canine pal who is very much similar to her and we could suggest Magic and Bella as a pair.