Miss Mollies are helping to rehome Luna. She needs the right home.

Her current owner has written this, please read it all :

Luna is 3 years old. She came from Romania but we dont know her history, we feel she’s been badly treated particularly by men. She’s been in our house for nearly 2 and a half years and has made progress bit its baby steps. Luna is now house trained, she will allow me to stroke her and she comes for treats but its on her terms. She is still frightened of us and will bark if she feels threatened. She is worse with my husband but once hes sat down she settles ad will take treats from him. I feel she would be best placed in a female only household. She loves other dogs and loves to play, so another dog would be great. She can get over excited if left alone with another dog and end up chewing, but she is fine when she is on her own for a few hours. She’s protective of her territory so does bark at passers by the gate.

Luna has been under a behaviourist, she has prescribed medication which she takes daily and has medication for days when it may be stressful e.g. when workmen may be at the house. The medication will come with her.

She hasn’t been out for walks yet as is not lead trained.

Please only enquire about Luna if you have the time and experience of Romanian rescues. She is a beautiful dog and deserves to have a good future.

Due to unforeseen family circumstances we need to find Luna a new, secure home. I’m willing to discuss Luna with anyone interested and would recommend a Fb site called Meesh masters. This has loads of information to help rescue dogs settle into a new home and to understand the needs of these dogs.

If you would like to know more about this dog please complete the online pre adoption form , or if you would prefer us to post a form to you, please email karenmoss001@hotmail.co.uk or call 07776416664, thank you.