Katie 9 moths old

This little girl has come under the caring wing of Miss Mollies to find her new home. Katie is very shy and scared of people but seeks comfort with her canine companions.

09 December 2019

Little Katie has had a great deal of trauma in her young 9 months . Safe in foster she stays in her bed most of the time , only coming out to use puppy pads and to eat. There have been a few glimmers of hope in the last 3 weeks , they are very small steps. Katie would hide her head when I came in the room and now she sits upright and is less scared. I can stroke Katie and I know she likes a nose stroke and she also likes the light on at night, she doesn’t like the dark. Katie for the first time took a treat from me yesterday , which was a wonderful moment as she only ate when I was out of view. Katie’s will be a long road but we at Miss Mollies aim to give her all the time and love she needs.