Rescue Dog


Hugo is  Romanian rescue and is approximately 3 or 4 years old.

Hugo is a lovely, happy lad , he is a good all rounder , he gets on with most dogs  and loves going for long walks. Hugo currently lives in a multi dog foster home so can be re homed with another dog or dogs. As with all dogs, we would want to ensure they are compatible. Hugo can be a little on the nervous side but with his own home , a routine and love he will be calmer.

Hugo has one eye smaller than the other , it a birth defect but doesn’t hinder him in any way. Hugo has been to the vet to have it checked and it is fine , it doesn’t cause any problems. We think it enhances his character.


We would love to see Hugo with his own person or family , he’s a super lad with so much to give.

HUGO – 26/08/19 We have been very lucky to have Hugo come stay with us on a temporary until he finds his forever home. We call him “Hugie Dugie” as this is a fusion of Hugo, Dog & Dude, which just sums up his personality perfectly. Whoever gets to adopt this lovely dog will find him to be very happy in his forever home. Hugo is such a calm dog who loves to snuggle up at your feet, or on the sofa with you. He loves a tummy tickle, being groomed and especially morning cuddles (be prepared for lots of loving licks!). Hugo is amazing around other dogs and loves being social and playful with them. He is very easy to walk on the lead, with no pulling whatsoever, in fact his lead remains slack most of the time as he toddles alongside you as you walk. He is very safe off the lead, coming back when called and never wanting to stray too far away. Lots of people said to us they think he is older than 3 to 4o years old, however, this is just his colouring being a mix of black, white and grey. You can tell he is a young, bundle of energy when he I splaying with you and other dogs! Hugo loves attention, so enjoys meeting new people and is very good with kids, including those who want to stroke him when they pass him in the street. The guy is treat crazy, so is responding well to the training we are trying to give him. eg tennis ball retrieval. We are guessing that due to his background, he started fairly nervously with us and is more twitchy around men than women initially, however, keeping hand movements slow and steady and getting down on his level to stroke and cuddle has really grown his confidence. He is now happy to wrestle, play and loves to receive and give affection at all times. Don’t be put off by his eye, this causes him no issues other than occasional weeping, but, he just stands there and lets you wipe his face with a bit of wet kitchen roll whenever it may be needed. When you look into his eyes you just see so much happiness and love coming back your way that you can’t fail to fall in love with this handsome guy. He is such a lovely dog, if our personal situation were different we would adopt him permanently in a heartbeat. However, we will also be very proud and delighted pass him on, when the appropriate person comes along and finds him his forever home. Whoever that is will be damn lucky to have him!

18 September 2019

Hugo has found a wonderful home and has a sister , we are so pleased for this boy.