Dylan has come to us from a Romanian rescue, he is approximately 3 years old.

We are looking for an experienced dog owner for Dylan. Dylan becomes attached to his owner and is protective. He needs someone who can work with him to work out and overcome these issues.

Ideally Dylans perfect home would be in a quiet place with one person and few visitors , walks in quiet areas and he loves the car !

Dylan has protective issues. Loves his person and wants to protect. He can nip people he dislikes and does not take to having house visitors. On the plus side he is loving loves his walks (never off lead unless secure safe area) and his biggest love is the CAR!!! He will stay in the car all day and will protect it. He just loves to travel and currently travels all over in the kennels vehicle. Anyone want a driving buddy??? he’s your man. Experienced person required with terriers.

Dylan can’t live with children but he may be able to live with another alpha dog.


Dylan has found his forever home

This little lad desperately needs someone who is prepared to not give up on him . Dylan has so much love to give ! We love him and would dearly love to see him in his own home.


Please contact us if you feel you would be able to help Dylan settle into his forever home or car !