Rescue Dog


Clyde is a 2 year old , Husky cross breed rescued from Romania.

Clyde is very puppy like and quite enjoys his own company even though he lives in a multi dog foster home. As confident as Clyde is in his play, he can be a little nervous in new situations  and would need a firm, understanding owner who can help familiarise him to new surroundings

We would suggest that he is not re homed with small children because of his size but would welcome children of teenage.

Could you offer this big teddy bear a loving forever home? Please contact us if you have any questions about Clyde.


CLYDE – 24/09/19
We have been very lucky to have Clyde come stay with us on a temporary foster
basis until he finds his forever home. Clyde is a big dog, yet, such a gentle soul. We
call him Clyde Bear, or Big Bear, as he really is a gentle giant!
At the time of writing, Clyde has only been with us for 12 days, yet, we have seen
huge leaps in his development and growth in confidence during this short time. All
that Mr Handsome needs now is loads of love, consistency, stability and establishing
We’ve learnt lots quickly in terms of how to get the best from Clyde. He isn’t hugely
food-orientated so doesn’t use treats as a motivator to learn. When giving treats he
insists these have to be high end ones, so don’t even try gravy bones and biscuits –
its ham, chicken, sausages for this guy, so we save these for “special” rewards.
Clyde loves being groomed and with his large double-coat there is plenty to go at!!!
Clyde relaxes into his pamper sessions and combing him is a great way to bond and
build trust with him. He also is not shy in offering himself up for a tummy tickle,
which he loves from us on a very regular basis!
As he grows in confidence as does his character. At times he can be a little
rebellious, for example, refusing point blank to go out in heavy rain. He is also willing
to challenge one’s authority when it comes to whether he sleeps on our bed, or on
his bed on the floor.
This is a case of being firm, consistent and establish the ground rules with him
straight away.
Clyde is comfortable and sociable around other dogs, especially, when you consider
his size. He is very easy to walk on the lead, with very minimal pulling. We generally
walk him on a long training lead, with odd occasions off lead. As a safety net we
keep a small supply of his “special” treats with us, should he need encouragement to
go back on his lead, however, after building his trust and giving him ample exercise
he is more than happy to return to his lead and head back home for a well-earned nap!
Clyde is fine with every person he has come into contact with, however, is a little
nervous in himself so we are careful not to over-crowd him and let him take things at
his own pace in mingling with new people.
Clyde is lovely dog and many people comment on how handsome he is and how
beautiful the colours in his coat are. He is very much a gentle giant and a fun loyal
companion to have around.
As Clyde’s temporary Foster Parents we will be very proud and delighted when the
appropriate person comes along and finds him his forever home. Whoever that is
will be lucky to have him!

Clyde has found his wonderful forever home, we all want to go an live with him too !  What a lucky lad