Chester is a 5 year old German pointer. He has had a hard life, he has lost lots of hair and is very thin through neglect. Despite his neglect he such a friendly boy and loves everyone. He walks nicely on lead. We would dearly love to find Chester a home where he gets lots of love and a nutritious,  controlled diet to help bring him up to tip top condition.


Please email us if you feel you could offer Chester a loving home

Chester is currently in foster and this is what his foster mum has put a summary together of Chester:

Chester summary 

Chester is currently in a foster home until he gets a forever home.

He is a big, bouncy, strong, boy with lots of energy.  He loves his walks and is very good on the lead.  He has walked alongside a number of dogs in foster care without any issues but is reactive other dogs not in his pack.  However, this has been easily controlled with firm control and plenty of reassurance but this would require further work from someone experienced with large dogs.


After walks he is very excitable and can take time to settle down.  When he does settle he is brilliant in a home environment and is fully house trained.

He is a big, beautiful, cuddly boy who craves affection and will often try to get on your knee or chair and this might require a firm word.

Chester is very bright, intelligent and very quick to learn. He has easily picked up basic commands and is keen to please.  He has a very sweet nature but can get very excitable so he is not suitable for a home with young children.

He loves people and doesn’t like being left alone during the day. He barks loudly if left on his own but only for a short while and then he settles down.  At night he sleeps on his own without any issues.

Chester would be suited to being the only dog in the home, he has been in a foster home with a female dog without too many issues but he does get quite jealous if he isn’t the one getting the attention. 
Chester is in his new home