Long term foster home required

This is Cheeky Pekey, one of four tiny little ones rescued from Romania. Cheeky lives up to her name, she is the most courageous, wilful character, very clever,¬† full of life and twice as naughty ! Cheeky is an older dog, although you really wouldn’t think so. Cheeky is currently living in long term foster with several other dogs and is thriving so well that we are looking to find a home for her where she will get all the love she so deserves.

The ideal home for Cheeky could have another resident  small dog, she is tiny so it would have to be a small, friendly companion. Cheeky loves to cuddle another dog. She could also live as an only dog with someone home most of the day. Cheeky enjoys a carry Рwalk and loves to paddle around the garden.

Cheeky has sight problems, she has only one eye with limited sight but don’t let that fool you, she gets to exactly where she wants to be and quickly finds her way around and quite often near your feet, so she needs a nimble owner. While in Miss Mollies care, Cheeky has had thorough vet checks and her eye is not problematic and doesn’t need any medication.

If you are interested in this beautiful character please drop us a line by completing the online pre adoption form.


Cheeky has joined her new family and is settling in well .