07 Aug 2109


Charlie came into foster from another foster home where he had been for a short while, sadly his foster carer became ill . Charlie arrived on 28 July and hid under a chair. Charlie has had a great deal of trauma in his life and will take time to shed the upset of his past . Charlie is clean in the home and enjoys laying in the garden and has been seen having zoomies with his friends!  As yet Charlie is not ready to be touched but he responds to being called outside to the garden and back inside again and is much more relaxed around his foster home .

Charlie has a long way to go  and we will keep updating his progress .


Charlie is still unable to be handled or even stroked but he is in a good routine , he comes when called , loves his food and he plays with his canine friends when I am in the house and he is in the garden. Charlie is a a gentle boy and over the weeks he is happier to be near me and not hiding as much . I think there is a very friendly dog in there and I am normally good at helping a dog to come round but I know with Charlie that it is time sand space he needs to come round in his own time . In the meanwhile I will sneakily watch him play with his friends from the house and make sure he is safe , warm and has a full belly.


Charlie is very much at home here, he has his friends and is part of his group. He no longer hides upstairs, he is always in the group and he almost doesnt mind mind being near his foster mum , he likes to have a sniff , and he happily takes treats but there is still no way he can be handled. Charlie has a very long way to go but he is safe and we believe he is happy and that means so much .