HANDSOME BOKI is in his new home with his new sister Ruby and Tia the cat

Ready for adoption , please follow Boki’s story here. 

Beautiful , gentle Boki, approx 5 years old  has come from a Romanian shelter and has been  in foster with Auntie Karen since the first week in April 2019 . He is a very shy boy and needs time to adjust to living in a home and to adapt to the world outside. He is happy with the company of other smaller dogs but is somewhat shut down towards people.  This will take time and already he is making progress, he plays with his foster sister and is coming forwards for treats. Boki has been on a lead and for a short walk but currently is looking for places to hide. With small steps Boki will start to find confidence. We just love him , he is he most handsome and gentle lad, he is like the George Clooney of dogs !

16 May 2019

Boki is doing ever so well. He has been for his first walks , which were very scary for Boki, he would try to hide in the grass but he really enjoys walking now, he likes to smell everything. There are so many things for Boki yet to experience. Boki usually has to have a carry to the gate then he will happily run into the field but tonight was a first , he walked to the gate (no carry required , yay!) . Everyday Boki is achieving more with very small positive steps. He gets on well with his new sisters and he really enjoys a head massage and a cuddle . Boki loves being in the garden, he quite often sits and just happily takes in his surroundings and he chases pigeons which is funny to see.

Boki would be best suited to a home with another dog or dogs , preferably female and still needs ongoing work but he is a dream to help and the most beautiful boy with a very gentle disposition.

28 June 2019

Boki is in a good routine and very happy . He loves the garden  and chasing birds and playing with his foster sisters . He loves a big cuddle in the morning and loves loves loves a treat or 2 !

Walking is an enjoyable experience for Boki now. Boki has 2 types of walks , the first is a walk around the fields with his foster sisters , he is engrossed with all the wonderful smells and bounds round carefree. Boki is still on the lead , albeit a very long one and I am working on recall and eye contact. The eye contact has taken a while to come but we are slowly making progress. Hopefully soon I will be able to let him off the lead.I am also able to approach Boki and stroke him when we are out on a walk . Now he realises something good is happening and he doesn’t need to be on high alert, he is softening and enjoying and allowing more interaction with me. (When we are in the home I can stroke Boki without issue)

The second walk is with me and no other foster dogs and we walk around the village and go a little further each time. This had taken Boki out of his comfort zone initially . Along our walk I invite people to say hello to Boki and give him a treat, all positive experiences and he has had a walk with a new doggy friend. We have had 4 walks now and the by the fourth Boki was relaxed and enjoying the walk , still a little skittish though. Traffic doesn’t seem to worry Boki. I am working on Boki making eye contact with me by stopping every 10-15 paces and moving on only when Boki has looked at me.

I have had a friend visit and Boki was so brave, he gently went to sniff the visitor and waited for a stroke and came back for another stroke. It was a beautiful moment and this ever so sweet, kind soul is learning to trust humans.

Boki is not hard work , he has no complex problems to work with . It has been a pleasure to help him overcome so much, he just needed a guiding hand and a gentle push , lots of love and praise . Auntie Karen says this one will be hard to part with.

28 July 2109

Well what a difference in Boki now , we have cuddles outdoors , I can approach and stroke Boki on a walk and we have upgraded to walking off the lead (but on a really long leash).  Boki is becoming a regular dog and is interacting with people now, hes’the most handsome dog ever !

September 2020

Boki is still looking for his forever home. He is a cracking lad and loving life . He is so different to when he first came to Miss Mollies. The most wonderful change is he likes to greet people and sit with them for a stroke.

Boki needs the company of another dog and a steady home with no children. Please drop us a line if you have an interest in lovely Boki or contact us through the email address if you would like further information.

If you feel you would like to carry on helping Boki’s confidence blossom please contact us. We would like Boki to have another canine companion. Boki needs to be in an adult home without children.