Benny was rescued from Romania in 2019 and lived with a lady and her 4 small terriers. He’s an older lady of about 10 but we ‘re not sure of his definite age. Benny was a very scared rescue dog and was getting used to living in a home, he’d never lived in a home. Very sadly Benny’s owner passed away and¬† Benny was taken in by neighbours. He has been with them for 4 months and they have worked well with him. Benny now walks nicely on the lead.¬†Benny would be suited to a quiet home, ideally in the countryside with high fencing. He would benefit from another canine companion. He prefers women and shies away from men, but is not aggressive. A home with no children or visiting children would be best as he is very nervous of them.

Benny has come so far and with time he will continue to blossom further.

Benny has found a lovely new home.