Benji is a puppy staffy crossed with something long legged, we do not know his exact age as he was found alone, curled up in the woods. 2 very kind men found Benji and took him to the vets where he was kept in for a few days before coming into foster care where he needed to gain 5 kilos in weight. We think Benji has never been outside until he was left because his pads are super soft. Everything he currently encounters is a new experience and Benji has the kindest, gentlest temperament, his little tail just wags. Slowly his personality is coming out and he is a bundle of delightful fun. Benji is loving being with his foster family and is quick to learn.

Benji has had his vaccinations and when he is older he will need to be neutered but we think it will be several months away yet.

Benji is currently in a home where he has been having training. This is the write up about Benji:

Benji is an incredibly intelligent boy. He knows how to sit, give his paw, he’s learning to lie down, and he comes when called (we’ve only practiced “come” at home and in the garden, not out in public yet). Benji has just graduated from Doggy School where he learned the basics of recall, “leave”, “drop” and some other commands. Benji is incredibly food orientated, so it should be quite manageable to continue his training.
Benji absolutely loves cuddling up on the sofa. He quite happily spends hours cuddling with us, which is absolutely lovely. He settles easiest when you are on the sofa with him and can be demanding for cuddles if hes not getting all the attention.
We have had plenty of human visitors to the house in the time that Benji has been with us, and this hasn’t been a concern for Benji. He absolutely loves people, the more people to dote on him the better!
Benji loves a chew toy. He usually chews for about an hour a day and we have definitely noticed this has reduced destructive chewing. As he is a puppy it is something he will grow out of. He also enjoys puzzle games (because of the treat reward at the end!) but does also tend to chew these toys so the plastic ones don’t last very long! When he wants to play, Benji can be very lively and needs someone who will be firm with him.
Benji enjoys going for walks – he gets between 45mins – 1.5hr walk everyday. He has had up to a 2.5 hour walk so far and he was absolutely fine. He is making good progress with his loose leash walking but can pull if he sees something he wants. Benji is having all of his puppy months at once and inquisitive of everything.
Benji has recently found his bark and begun training
Benji enjoys meeting other dogs at the park. He especially loves the dogs that want to run around and play with him. Benji needs to work on his doggy manners as he doesn’t understand that not every dog wants to play quite as energetically as he does.
Benji does struggle with car sickness, and we are not sure if it’s anxiety or motion sickness. We are working with him to reduce any anxieties that he may have about going in the car. Benji has a Kong filled with peanut butter when we are going on a car journey and he is not sick when he is focussed on that.
Benji is a truly lovely boy that gets a lot of fuss when we’re out and about. He needs an experienced and patient owner who can continue his training.

If you feel you can offer Benji a very loving home for this special boy, please complete an adoption form.

Benji has settled happily into his forever home.