Bella N.B.  Not a Miss Mollies dog

This is sweet Bella, she is nearly 6 years old and a treasured family member. Due to a difficult change in circumstances Bella’s owner has asked Miss Mollies to help find find her a forever home where she will be as happy as she is now.

Bella is a great family dog where there is a young child in the family. Bella also gets long with other dogs and cats; we always recommend gentle introduction and supervision. Bella may bark at dogs she doesn’t know but it’s more out of excitement and not aggression. Bella is crate trained, muzzled trained (which is done at the vets because  she can be unsure of dogs she doesn’t know. There are no issues being examined.). Bella is non – destructive, she is great on the lead and has great recall if there aren’t other dogs to distract her! She does not have any behavioural issues. Bella is a typical loving and affectionate dog and after a walk and play time loves to have a lazy nap!

Bella is spayed. Due to covid her jabs have lapsed but she can be brought up to date. Bella has no  medical issues.

Bella is a fabulous little girl and ready to settle into a new home. If you have any questions about Bella please email us and likewise if you would like a pre adoption form if you feel you could offer Bella her forever home.

While Miss Mollies will no have any involvement in a formal adoption, there may be a written agreement between the current owner and the new owner. Likewise, there will be no adoption fee but Bella’s owner would like a donation to be made to Miss Mollies rescue.

Beautiful Bella has found her new home and a very settle and happy girl. Be happy Bella x