Rescue DogRescue Dog

Bali came to us with her brother Chad, at 4.5 months old, about 6 weeks ago we noticed her foot was bent out.

The vet said she had a bone growth deformity and would need surgery. In the leg dogs have 2 bones, the ulna and radial bone. Bali’s Ulna growth plates had prematurely closed(stopped Growing) and as the radial bone continued to grow it caused her foot to twist out.

Bali had the op about 4 weeks ago, the vet removes a 1” section of ulna bone to allow the radial bone to straighten and finish growing.

The risk is that the ulna bone will re-grow and close together before the radial has finished growing. This would cause complications and would mean another operation with an external fixater to hold the bones.

Tomorrow Bali is having an x-ray to check all is growing and healing as should be. Then she starts swimming lessons to build up her muscle in that leg.

Rescue DogRescue Dog