APPLE is approximately  3/4 years old


03/09/20 Apple is currently in foster with a lady and has been there less than 2 weeks. Apple is a very timid girl and needs a home with another resident dog who will help her come out of her shell.

Apple enjoys her walks but can be spooked by traffic and by people or men with sticks /ball throwers. We know that Apple has had a difficult start to her young life and we would like to place her with someone who will give her the time and love to help her blossom.

Apples current foster says she is a lovely girl and hasnt put a foot wrong, but feels she needs a canine friend.



Apple (now named Bonnie) continues to gain confidence, she interacts more with other dogs she meets on her long walks. She really would benefit from a doggy friend to help her socialise . She is a super little girl.

UPDATE 02/10/20

Apple (now Bonnie) has really turned a corner and seems much happier. She has been off lead on 4 different walks and has responded really well , coming back when called (it can take a few moments if nice smells distract her!)and she has stayed fairly close. Apple has really enjoyed the freedom to run and explore and it seems to have made her more awake and interested. She is also still improving around traffic , she still doesn’t like it but now just a bit wary while walking rather than crouching to the floor or finding a hedge to hide under.

Apple still doesnt take a great interest in toys or playing BUT has a Lambie (a soft toy) into her space and it seems to bring her some comfort.

Apple is really good now with strangers and new dogs when out and mostly just ignores them or has a sniff and move son (men included). She is very patient when getting back from muddy /wet walks and lets her foster mum dry her of with a towel.

Apple walks about 5 miles each day over 2 or 3 walks and loves her walks. Apple/Bonnie has adjusted really well to life in a home and though she is an only dog , we feel she would like a doggy friend for company.


Apple is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped.


Beautiful Apple/ Bonnie has found a lovely new home and has a new brother to play with