Meet AngelĀ šŸ§”
Our beautiful GSD girl.
Angel is 4 years old.
Angel is a German Shepherd Mix.
Angel is an incredibly gentle and loving girl.
Sadly, Angel has had bad experiences with people before coming to us and is hand shy.
Having said that, Angel will be touched and stroked when she is in her kennel. She takes a treat very gently and is a sweet girl.
Angel has never shown aggression towards us.
Angel needs someone experienced with German Shepherds and the patience to work with her to build her trust over time.
Angel is treat driven and enjoys playing with toys and the other dogs.
Angel enjoys being around another dog for company.
Angel is in long term foster and living her best life ever !

This beautiful girl is nervous, shes never had her own person to help her and not give up on her. She so deserves a chance at life . We are hoping there is someone who will come and visit her several times and to connect with her and help her to enjoy a life that every dog should do.

It will take time and patience to get a lead and walking her but the magicĀ  help of treats she will come on. We can already put her harness on so that’s progress already and when Angel realises there are so many lovely smells and walks to enjoy she will blossom.Ā  AngelĀ  loves her food and gets on with the all of the dogs at the rescue centre. Angel so deserves her own person/family . Who can help beautiful Angel ?