No centre of our own as of yet

We would like to apologise to all those people who have offered to volunteer at our rescue centre, cleaning out the kennels doing cuddles walking etc. Sadly we do not have a centre of our own relying on commercial kennels and foster carers for our dogs who are up for adoption.

We have been trying and still are to find our own property,land,farm etc however living in this area although there are plenty of properties coming on the market the prices are just to high for us as it is for many small rescues. There are grants available to help purchase but again sadly you need the property first,which is a bit like a chicken and egg situation.

Many people are getting in touch to also view the dogs at our centre and when i explain that this is not possible as we do not have one we then do not hear from them again. We pay for the use of the kennels and both are quite happy for people to visit them there by APPOINTMENT!!! they are working kennels. The kennels we use are greatly discounted for us but they still cost us £35 per week per dog.If anyone would like to sponser a kennel for a week this would help us greatly.Our paypal details are,uk or bank details Cooperative bank sort code 089299 Acct no;65721395 charity number 1159985 marked for sponser a kennel.I am sorry that potential adopters are put off by not being able to see the dogs without an appointment but at the moment there is nothing else we can do.If there is anyone out there who can put us in touch with any association that can help with raiseing the necc funds to purchase or know of anyone who would be prepared to rent us a property it will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.