Pounds For Grounds

So all very busy with the rescue. We are desperately in need of our own premises, so Pounds for Grounds was born.

If everyone who hears of us could donate just £1 we will get to our dream even faster. We need our own place as the number of dogs now needing our help is phenomenal, and it is just not viable to keep using commercial kennels.

we also need an isolation block, at the moment we cannot help the poundies or seriously in need dogs as nowhere for them to go pre assessment,  we have no vaccination info in these circumstances so cannot use the commercial kennels. And we cannot risk our foster carers as they have families and other pets and until properly assessed we cannot say what these dogs will behave like.

So fundraising we shall do and the look out for land shall continue. We are even open to renting if something suitable were to come along.

Text to Donate MMDR01 £1 to 70070 or use the donate button at the bottom of every page.


Thank You