Comments from our successful new owners

Little Bandit has been a joy from the moment he came to us. He loves playing with my daughter on the trampoline and jumping to places you think he cant get to. Bandit is such a friendly loving dog and always greets you enthusiastically no matter how long you have been gone for. We would not be without him now.

Bandits Owner


Tano. Loved this dog from the moment I set eyes on him.

He came to me for a reason, (13 June 2014) as a companion for my great Pyrenean mountain dog. Who were friends from the beginning. Who I sadly lost on the 21 July 2014.  Tano makes everyone welcome in my home who all adore him.

Usually my dogs are in the kitchen when I go out but not Tano he has freedom of the house visiting my children in their bedrooms, jumping on their beds.  He has filled a big hole in my heart and wouldn’t, be without him .

Love him to bits. Xxxx

Jill Thwaites