Miss Mollies Rescue Story

The Beginning of Miss Mollies Rescue 

Miss Mollies Rescue was set up by Jeanne Thompson in approximately 2003. Working alone she took in unwanted and abandoned dogs. Jeanne funded the veterinary care herself and often took in the dogs that no one else would take on, be it due to a disability or other medical problems or old age. Jeanne’s heart has a place for all dogs.

The dogs that come into Jeanne’s care are assessed, rehabilitated and rehomed,  although some have stayed as long term residents.

 Jeanne speaks about her wishes for the rescue 

” All we want at the end of the day is for dogs to find nice, loving , forever homes. We vet everyone who wants a dog to make sure we are matching them to the right dog that suits them and their lifestyles. We get to know the dogs very well so we know what type of home will make them happy. There is the right home out there for every dog”

Changes to the rescue from  2023

Unfortunately we no longer have a rescue base to bring rescue dogs into, therefore we have shifted perspective to continue to carry on with our rescue work. Please read the Home page for full information.

Miss Mollies has a Facebook page

In October 2013 whilst out walking their own dog a member of the public began chatting to Jeanne about the dogs and thus the Facebook group for Miss Mollies Rescue was founded which has a following of over 3000 members. Facebook has been a great way to introduce new dogs, also to show rescued dogs happy in their forever homes, it’s such a pleasure for us to have updates and to hear about adventures the dogs have.

Competitions, raffles , fund raisers and the November Auction of Promises help raise much needed funds for the continued care of our rescue dogs.

The Volunteers

A group of dedicated people volunteer to help Miss Mollies Rescue in various ways. These include: collecting and fostering  dogs, completing home checks, fundraising, administrative work  and the running of Miss Mollies Charity Shop which opened in 2015 and is  a full time job alone. There are hundreds of hours each and every week that are freely given to help these dogs find their forever home. If you would like to join Miss Mollies group to assist with any of the above, please contact us.

 Sponsoring and Donations

If you would like to sponsor a dog, this would help us enormously. Likewise, donations are greatly appreciated if you feel you are able to contribute to Miss Mollies Rescue, we would be very grateful.


Our Paypal details are:    missmollies@hotmail.co.uk    OR   

Our bank details are:  Nat West   Sort code 53-50-21   Acct no: 58391584   Charity number 1159985  (Please mark SPONSOR A KENNEL or DONATION)